Where to use it?

Cities of Art

Happyguide will activate near monuments and works of art

Happy Guide can accompany tourists on a visit to the city in any way, whether it is a single person, or a group, including multilingual ones (everyone can choose to listen to the explanations in their own language).
Following a map? Simply type on the HappyGuide keyboard the number indicated on the map and listen to the right caption for that place or accept the IR signal sent from emitter placed near the monument.
Are you going out and about? Enabling of HappyGuide happens automatically, in the right place at the right time, an RF emitter (radio frequency) located on site signals with a beep that the correct caption is ready to be heard.

Churches, Museums, Art Galleries

Perform a complete visit in total autonomy

HappyGuide may accompany the visiting tourist in any way, also multilingual (everybody can choose to listen to the explanations in their own language). You can arrange tours or organized groups multilingual. Are you alone? Happy Guide standard is all that is needed. During the visit, you decide what work to deepen by typing the corresponding number on the keyboard or by accepting the IR signal (Infrared) from a transmitter placed near the opera.

Open Spaces

For lovers of hiking, walking, cycling, ecc..

As soon as you get close to a place of cultural, historical or scenic interest Happyguide picks up the RF signal and activates. Everything is automatic: in this way anyone will not lose any detail of the visit and will enriches the journey of interesting information about what surrounds him. In addition, the distance from the points of interest can be determined defining the receving range in the HappyGuide settings.