HappyGuide System Features

The audioguide system AGS is a flexible system, that is able to adapt to different situations:

  • Individual or group visits for tourists of different languages
  • Enclosed places (museums, art galleries, etc.)
  • City jaunts, (squares and ancient streets of city centers)
  • Routes by bus or in your own car through the territory
  • Walking or cycling in landscape areas (parks or botanical gardens etc.).
This means that, with only one model of audio guide and appropriate firmware upgrades applicable even after the purchase, to respond to any present and future situation of use.

Standard Audioguide

It has function keys to be able to make choices of topics that are shown on the display, for example, selection of country, choice of location, venue details. The texts are recorded in a removable SD card for easy updating without inhibiting the use of audioguides. The individual explanations are associated with a number that the user sees next to the work and types on the keyboard for listening through headphones or speaker. Audioguides can remain in continuous play for 25 hours and have a battery charger with drawers, with automatic regulator of the charge.

IR Activation

Through special firmware and hardware and the location, next to individual artworks of an infrared activator, you avoid the need to put up signs with the number next to artworks. In this way, the tourist has the possibility of obtaining the correct description pointing towards the emitter and pressing a key. This application, suitably adapted, could solve many problems of use by the visually impaired.

RF Activation

Always through the insertion of appropriate firmware and hardware, this case also allows an automatic pointing of the right description in the right place, without pressing any keys or perform pointings. It comes to arrange, generally on the walls along the various points of the path, proper radio emitters. It 's the most common system for the visit to the historical centers, where the listening points are more distant from each other than they are at the interiors of a church. Even this application has solved several problems of use by visually impaired people.

Full Optional Audioguide

Is identical to the base model but that contains both the IR module, both the RF module. With this model it is possible to switch from one type of use to another without problems for the visitor, adapting to the various types of terrain.

Group visits

This situation is brilliantly addressed and resolved by HappyGuide. It takes into account that the groups can be formed by people of different languages, that it is not necessary to have professional guides who are able to give all the necessary explanations in language, that there is no interference with other neighboring groups and, finally, that the groups can melt, temporarily for a specific visit (where the tourist moves on its own), but then made up again. Activation by the tour leader: The group has a guide who knows the paths but does not speak aloud or transmit texts with a wireless microphone. He has an "audioguide code transmitter." This audio guide has a unique ID number that is typed on the keyboard of all the audio guides that are part of the group. If the groups are more than one, each accompanist will have a different ID. Every tourist can choose its own language on the display of audioguide, after this choice, the keyboard will no longer be operational. Whenever necessary, the accompanying person will choose the appropriate code description and pressing a key on its own "transmitter audioguide" will send it by radio only to audio guides of its own group and each tourist will, automatically, listen to its description in its language. Coupling and uncoupling of the group members: If the group should dissolve to enter, without the accompanying person, in a place in which the audioguide contains descriptions, the attendant can "disengage" their audio guides, making them independently operating, via a radio command, and then "engage" back them, recomposing the group. Autmatic Activation: NB: the groups of coaches who do not have the tour leader on the trip, may have their own audio guides activated at the right time if installing in a coach an audioguide able to feel the presence of activators IR (if you turn in the city) or RF in suburban locations.