How to Use It?


Typing on the keyboard the number of the work of interest

Each Happy Guide is provided with a keyboard useful to define the language, volume, and select which information to receive. It is not necessary to install any system environment, you just need a label with an identification number placed near each work. The explanation activates by typing on audioguide keyboard the identification number of the work.


HappyGuide activates by pointing the emitter near work
Each Happy Guide is equipped with an infrared receiver (IR). The audioguide is activated pointing it at the IR emitter placed next to the work: receipt of a signal beep alerts the visitor, who sees on the display the title of the topic and can listen to the explanation. In order to use HappyGuide in IR mode infrared emitters in the number of one for each work must be installed.
How It Works:

Listening is initiated by pressing PLAY or automatically, depending on the settings in the Profiles. The emission of the IR code occurs every 2 seconds. The code can be programmed using an internal dip switches. The IR emitter is powered by a lithium battery type CR123A 3 Volt. The battery life is 1 year. The angle of coverage can be adapted to the position.


HappyGuide is activated in proximity of a point of interest intercepting RF signal

Walking through the cities and villages, approaching a point of interest the audio guide receives a radio signal from the radiofrequency emitter(RF), a beep sounds and the display shows the title of the work, all this without the tourist has to perform no action.
How it Works:
listening begins by pressing PLAY or automatically, depending on the settings in the profiles. The power to RF emitter is supplied by a lithium battery CR123A 3 Volt for a period of one year, or by the mains. The emission of the RF code is once every 2 seconds and can be programmed by an internal deep switch. The distance from which it can receive the signal is adaptable to the position. The emitter can be placed in a waterproof box.